The vertebral Subluxation complex is the underlying cause of many healthcare problems.

Chiropractic is widely recognized as the best treatment of subluxation.


Initial Consultation + Treatment
$75 (30-35 mins)


Follow-up Consultation + Treatment
$55 (up to 20 mins)


Bulk Billing
5 free sessions with GP referrals


  • Absolutely safe and purely natural

  • A natural pain killer by helping your body release endorphin to relieve pain

  • A natural fighter of inflammation by helping your body release anti-inflammatory agents

  • Realign misaligned muscles and ligaments

  • Unblock Meridians, promote Qi and Blood Flow

  • Free consultations




Remedial Massage

(Health Fund Claimable)

Neck & Shoulders$4030 mins
Neck, Shoulders & Back$4030 mins
Neck, Shoulders, Back & Legs$4535 mins
Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back$4535 mins
Whole Body Special$6050 mins
Whole Body + Foot Herbal SPA + Reflexology$7060 mins
Foot Remedial$4030 mins

Chinese Massage

(Health Fund NOT Claimable)

Neck, Shoulders & Back$3530 mins
Head, Neck & Shoulders$3530 mins
Neck, Shoulders, Back & Legs$4035 mins
Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back$4035 mins
Whole Body + Foot Herbal SPA + Reflexology$6560 mins

Herbal Energy Therapy

Our special Sunshine Herbal Stick contains active herbal ingredients such as Moxa leaf, Gingsheng, Red Flower, Radix and Rhizoma Seu. By burning them over the affected part of your body, Sunshine Herbal Energy therapy works in conjunction with remedial massage or acupuncture.



  • Helping Qi and Blood Flow

  • Assisting vital energy release from massage and acupuncture to be penetrating to the targeted tissues

  • Warming the Meridians and dispelling cold and dampness

  • Dissolving stiffness and tension

Blood Letting + Cupping


Hot Stone Therapy


Prefabricated Orthotic Footwear

We are proud to be an authorised distributor of FOOT BIO-TEC, a well known Australian premium orthotic brand. A clinic trial made by the team at the Department of Podiatry of University of New Castle indicates that the FOOT BIO-TEC orthotic sandals help reduce foot pain, knee pain and lower back pain.

We stock the full range of FOOT BIO-TEC footwear. Come in store to choose a pair for you or your family from a variety of styles and colours.

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